Self-Polishing Stainless Steel Cleaner | HOPE’S New Perfect Stainless

New “self-polishing” formula makes stainless care super-fast and super-simple.

In mint condition, nothing shines like stainless steel. But unless you live in a museum, chances are your stainless surfaces will be forced to endure the blemishes, fingerprints, and dust that comes with everyday life. Hope’s new Perfect Stainless formula unleashes “self-polishing” power to help your stainless look its best, and keep your cleaning from being a chore.

Wiping Away Cleaning Frustrations

For far too long, stainless cleaners have underwhelmed customers with uneven finishes, streaky appearances, and watery formulas that drip from surfaces to your floor. It always seemed like the job was never done. Owing to this, the choice was either to spend time working for a mediocre clean, or just enduring a messy surface.

“There’s nothing more frustrating for consumers than looking at a messy fridge multiple times a day, frequently wondering what they are doing wrong,” said John Finnegan, President of Hope’s. That’s why we went to work to create the new Perfect Stainless.

Self-Polishing Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish

The new Perfect Stainless is a rich, creamy formula that clings to vertical surfaces. This thick formulation prevents runs and streaks so that only your surfaces are covered. Once applied, simply wipe the surface to both clean and polish your stainless steel. You can literally wipe on and walk away. The self-polishing formula buffs itself into an even finish that is free of streaks and blemishes.

The self-polishing action is also great for quick touchups. Should you notice a print or blemish a day or two later, simply apply a small dab of Perfect Stainless to a towel and wipe the affected area. The cleaner will buff itself into a finish completely blends with the surrounding area.

Once complete, you will have a streak-free shine without the haze or oily residue others can leave behind.

Not only is the new Perfect Stainless formula effective, it’s completely safe to be used around children and pets. And because it’s non-toxic, odorless, and fragrance-free, it’s the perfect cleaner for your kitchen. “We want our customers spending their days enjoying their homes,” says Finnegan, “…not cleaning them.”

Hope’s new Perfect Stainless® product can be found at the following retailers. Look for the bottle with the “New Formula” sticker.

Bed Bath & Beyond
The Home Depot
At Home
Orchard Supply Hardware
W.B. Mason
Home Outfitters
Big Y